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Doula Services

Doula Package

I will take clients in Calgary and up to an hour's drive in the surrounding area.

As your doula, I will provide to you the following services:

2 Prenatal Visits

1st Visit: Review of labour stages, pain relief options, hospital procedures, medical interventions. We will also discuss your birth preferences, and whether you want to write out a Birth Preferences Sheet.

2nd Visit: During this visit we focus on natural pain relief and comfort measures. We discuss how I can help you during labour with positional suggestions, and comfort measures and how your partner and I can work together as a team. I show a short DVD during this visit as well.

I officially start on-call for you when you are 38 weeks pregnant, and remain on call until you deliver the baby. Once in labour, we will talk periodically and when you are ready for me to join you, I will meet you either at your home, or hospital. Once I arrive, labour support is continuous, and I usually stay up to 2 hours after for immediate postpartum support, and support for your first breast feed.

A postpartum visit about 1-2 weeks after your birth. During this visit I can answer questions you have, help with breastfeeding and newborn care, and recap your birth experience.

I offer birth photography, and a written birth story. At your postpartum visit, I will bring your photos on a disk, and if the photos allow, a photo slideshow.

I have a lending library all clients have access to. I am also available via phone, text, or email all throughout our doula/client relationship to chat or answer any questions you have.





Private Prenatal Education Sessions

As an alternative or addition to my doula services, I also provide private, in your home prenatal sessions.

Childbirth Choices

Topics Include: Stages of labour, physiology of birth, emotions, what to expect at the hospital, interventions and pain medications, cesarean birth, your first hours with baby……and much more!

Comfort Measures for Birth

Topics Include: Positions for labour and delivery, natural pain relief methods, relaxation and visualization, massage techniques, use of hydrotherapy

Postpartum and Breastfeeding

Topics Include: What to expect after baby-at home and at the hospital, newborn care, breastfeeding positions, how to recognize a good latch, challenges of breastfeeding

Also- Refresher Classes and VBAC Classes for those having their second or more babies

$90 Per Class, $250 for 3 sessions